Lock in your 2022-23 Snow Plow service!






What can I expect with my Snow Plow service?

Your driveway (and walkway) will be plowed upon accumulation of 2 or more inches of snow. We cannot guarantee a specific time window, but our drivers will do their best to plow your driveway in a timely manner. During major snow storms, 2 plows may be necessary.

Snow Plow FAQs

Q: How do you determine when to plow?

A: We plow whenever there is 2 or more inches of snow fall on the ground.


Q: When will my driveway get plowed?

A: We cannot guarantee a specific time frame. However, we'll do our best to get your driveway cleared ASAP. Please note that your driveway must be clear of personal items. If there are cars in the driveway, we will be unable to plow.


Q: Will you plow more than once during a major snow event?

A: Yes, if necessary we will make two service visits during a lengthy, sustained snow event.


Q: How do payments work?

A: Payment is due via Zelle after each snow plow. You can make payments to lawnshopper@gmail.com. If we need to come multiple times during a single snow event, we'll notify you via email.