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Lower your landscaping costs and enjoy a better experience

At last, lawn care without the headache

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Our mission is simple:
To find you quality landscaping services at the lowest costs – while helping hardworking landscapers grow their business.
We're local – based in Deerfield, IL – so we know the area and can turn around your quote fast.
Lower your landscaping costs
By providing business in bulk to our landscaping partners, we can negotiate lower prices for you. More is less.
Count on friendly, responsive service
Great customer service shouldn't be too much to ask from your landscaping company. And now it isn't!
Pay the easy way – online, automatically
With secure online payments, there's never any doubt about which month you're paying for or how much you owe. Plus you can stop writing those dumb checks.

Looking for something beyond weekly lawn service?

We also do drainage, patios, hardscape design, planting and more. If you have a custom job in mind, we'd love to help. Just shoot us an email.

Ready for a better lawn care experience?

Nearly every other aspect of modern daily life offers digital-first convenience across devices. Why should lawn care be any different?

Request your quote today and leave the "old way" behind.

Lawn Shopper FAQs

Q: What is Lawn Shopper?
A: We’re matchmakers for your lawn + landscapers, securing high-quality landscaping at the lowest price possible.

Q: How does it work?
A: Once you provide some basic info about your home and what you need, we’ll get to work on your quote. If you like your new low rate, lock it in for the entire season (May – November). We’ll handle the rest – scheduling, payments, etc. In the rare case that we can’t save you money, just pretend it never happened. There’s no obligation.

Q: Who will my landscaper be?
A: We partner with top landscapers in the Chicagoland area who work exclusively with Lawn Shopper. Once you confirm service, we’ll get you assigned and let you know who your landscaping provider will be.

Q: How is Lawn Shopper able to offer such low rates?
A: By providing business in bulk to our landscaping partners, we’re able to negotiate lower prices for you.

Q: Can I cancel if I'm not happy with my service?
A: You certainly can, at any time. But, we'll do whatever we can to answer your questions and resolve any issues. This includes swapping in a new landscaper if necessary.

Q: How do payments work?
A: You pay Lawn Shopper directly at the end of each month (May – November). No more hassling with writing checks or waiting for an invoice to show up in your mailbox. We'll even send you a secure link to set up easy automatic payments.

Q: Can I add extra services beyond mowing?
A: You sure can! Just tell us what you need. Whether it’s shrub trimming or over-seeding, we’ve got you covered. And if you need something more specialized like re-leveling or drainage improvements, we can handle that, too.

Q: What about spring and fall cleanup?
A: Yep. Spring and fall cleanups will be charged separately as one-off services.